Business plan for baking cosmetics and fabrics

Before we delve to the heart of this plan, I will advise you to watch the CNN video clip about Renchia Droganis. It’s about two inspiring women who have built amazing beauty product brands from locally-sourced plants and herbs.

Renchia Droganis, is a South African beauty therapist who started mixing ingredients in her kitchen to make beauty products she sold in her neighbourhood.

From making roughly $400 a weekend, her beauty products brand – Africology – now makes nearly $1 million every month from local and international product sales to customers as far away as France, Germany, UK, Belgium and the United States!

This market has many new and established competitors in any given market. New cosmetics products are launched regularly and your company has to combat them. So, a wisely crafted marketing strategy becomes essential part of starting the business.

Top Tips

1.       Know The FDA’s Regulations

2.       Decide On The Location

3.       Choose A Niche

4.       Develop A Marketing Plan

5.       Generate Publicity

6.       Sell Your Products Online

7.       Get A Memorable Logo

8.       Generate Funds

9.       Test Your Products

10.    Get Opinions and Improve