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I have a business idea. What’s the best way to check whether it’s interesting for customers or not?

The questions you need to ask yourself Now that you have your business idea (really, your guess, right?), you’re ready to answer three critical questions: What problems do my potential customers have? What’s the solution to that problem? Why would people pay money for my product? You need to und...
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Value of a Business Plan

This is three important basics for every successful business: 1. Idea – You need to have a good idea 2. Execution – You need to execute it well 3. Getting down to business – You need to get clients Your idea is not worth anything unless you execute on it. If you have...
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What are some business plan examples? There are tons of business plan available for view for free on the website depending on what you want i.e :  Business proposal To secure funds Non-profit strategic plan SBA business plan RFPs Investment pitch deck/presentation Financial...
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