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How do I start a good artblog?

My art blog turned 2 years old this week! So, in celebration, I thought I’d write a feature on how to start an art blog. It is based on my own experiences, mistakes (yes, there are many) and some successes too. You see, since starting to blog about art in Birmingham (and now beyond) I […]...
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How to improve business acumen

As we have moved from product sales, to solutions sales, to business improvement and acceleration sales, the skill sets for success in sales have changed. To be effective now, salespeople need to be great businesspeople; they need to understand how to create business results for their clients. Busin...
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Steps to Writing a Business Plan

Executive Summary: Summarize your company’s value-proposition. Company Overview: Discuss your business’s history, leadership team, and locations. Market Analysis: Describe your industry and how your company stands out from competitors. Business Organization: Explain your company’s legal struct...
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