How do I share my business plan with someone without letting him copy the whole idea

It all boils down to packaging Marketing or Presentation and Your Lawyers. How you present your idea to them. And to do a thorough job, you need to be able to write a VERY good business plan, which almost always means outsourcing the job to a firm that specializes in it.

  1. Copyright/patent your idea. And before sending the idea/plan to the company send a registered copy of it to yourself via postage. Make sure it’s registered postage with dates on it.

2. Right your idea bearing in mind that these people wanna make money. Let them see where the money is in your idea.

3. Try to know someone inside the company that you can confine in. I don’t say that you can disclose your idea too! But most of the jobs/consultancy stuffs I’ve got in is always greezy easy with the aid of an internal force.

4. Sets of docs, ignoring the technical details in the first docs. The second set can now contain your technical know to be released on payment.


I read that when Coca cola had problem of trying to increase their sales, a consultant offer to help. Mentioned his figures and insist on signed contract before disclosure. At the board meeting, having had his contract signed told the board of Coca Cola, if you want to increase your sales just “bottle it”.