How do I start a pig farming business plan?

Pigs can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small-or large-scale business. But in whatever size, a prospective farmer would need inputs as to how to raise pigs efficiently and in a more productive manner, writing a business plan for pig farming is still the same process of writing any farm products.

The business plan cover the following sections:

1.)         Executive summary, Mission and Vision, Key success factors, Business model summary.

2.)         Company Description Business model canvas, Operational model, USP (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION),Organizational structure, organogram, Business risks.

3.)         Situational Market Analysis, Trends, Challenges, Target Market Segmentation, Porter’s five forces of profitability, SWOT.

4.)         Growth plan

5.)         Marketing plan


7.)         Key Assumptions, Financial summary, Projected Income Statement, Projected Cash flow, Projected Balance sheet, Loan Schedule, Financials Analysis.

8.)     Business Ratios and Infographics).

The following requirements are necessary so as to start pig farming for commercial purpose.

1.) Making the pig sheds

It is mandatory to construct a pig farmhouse for the well-being of the pigs. Pigs don’t do well in a very hot environment while piglets are affected by cold temperatures. Therefore, piglets should be kept in a place with enough warmth and well ventilated.

2.) Getting enough land

Starting a pig farm requires a land which is big enough so that the business expands with time. The land should be mostly found in the rural areas where it is affordable and cheap labour is readily available. It should also be close to a veterinary doctor in case the pigs fall sick and should be far away from the residential premises.

Feeding the pigs

Pigs feed on anything. For better growth results, a commercial food which is mixed with other feds gotten domestically is used. If they feed on nutritious and high quality foods, the productivity increases. Some of the foods that pigs feed are; vegetable leftovers, maize, soya beans to add proteins and vitamins. One does not need to have much money to ensure that pigs get enough food; they are the most cost-effective animals.

4.) Employ workers

Once the business has expanded, one is forced to employ someone to help some of the chores like keeping the pig sty clean, giving the pigs water and food.

5.) Keeping the pigs healthy

Unlike other animals, pigs are less prone to diseases but they require veterinary doctor services for the purpose of deworming and vaccination.


·         To start the business, no unique skills are required.

·         In Kenya there is a favorable climate for pig farming.

·         There is an increase in the demand of pork in nowadays.

.    The business expands very fast because the pigs can give birth to many piglets per year.

.    It is very cheap to maintain because pigs can feed on anything, one does not need to use a lot of money.