How do I write a proposal to start a layer chicken business

Hens can be raised in controlled or free environment, as a small-or large-scale business. But in whatever size, a prospective farmer would need inputs as to how to raise hens efficiently and in a more productive manner, writing a business plan for hen farming is still the same process of writing any farm products.

The business plan cover the following sections:

1.)         Executive summary, Mission and Vision, Key success factors, Business model summary.

2.)         Company Description Business model canvas, Operational model, USP (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION),Organizational structure, organogram, Business risks.

3.)         Situational Market Analysis, Trends, Challenges, Target Market Segmentation, Porter’s five forces of profitability, SWOT.

4.)         Growth plan

5.)         Marketing plan


7.)         Key Assumptions, Financial summary, Projected Income Statement, Projected Cash flow, Projected Balance sheet, Loan Schedule, Financials Analysis.

8.)     Business Ratios and Infographics).

The following requirements are necessary so as to start hen farming for commercial purpose.

1.) Making the hen sheds

It is mandatory to construct a hen farmhouse for the well-being of the hens. Hens don’t do well in a very hot environment while are affected by cold temperatures. Therefore, should be kept in a place with enough warmth and well ventilated.

2.) Getting enough land

Starting a hen farm requires a land which is big enough so that the business expands with time. The land should be mostly found in the rural areas where it is affordable and cheap labour is readily available. It should also be close to a veterinary doctor in case the hens fall sick and should be far away from the residential premises.

Poultry farming business has numerous benefits. As a result many farmers prefer to invest in this business. People generally establish poultry farm for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products.

Billions of chickens are being raised throughout the world as a good source of food from their eggs and meat. However, here I am shortly describing the main benefits of poultry farming.

  • The main benefit of poultry farming is, it doesn’t require high capital for starting. You need just basic capital to start raising poultry. And most of the poultry birds are not costly enough to start raising.
  • Poultry farming doesn’t require a big space unless you are going to start commercially. You can easily raise some birds on your own backyard with one or numerous coops or cages. So, if you are interested in poultry farming, then you can easily do it on your own backyard with several birds.
  • Commercial poultry farming business also ensure high return of investment within a very short period. Some poultry birds like broiler chickens take shorter duration of time to mature and generating profit.
  • Poultry farm structures do not require high maintenance. You can minimize diseases and illness in poultry by following proper hygiene and care. Diseases are less in some poultry birds like quails, turkeys etc.
  • In most cases, you don’t need any license. Because almost all types of poultry birds are domestic. Although, if you need license from the relevant authority it is also easy for poultry.
  • Poultry provides fresh and nutritious food and has a huge global demand. Global consumers of poultry products prefer them due to their nutrients and freshness. Poultry products are not much expensive and most of the people can afford those.
  • Marketing poultry products is very easy. There is an established market for poultry products in almost all places of the world. So, you don’t have to think about marketing your products. You can easily sell the products in your nearest local market.
  • Poultry farming creates income and employment opportunities for the people. Unemployed educated youth can easily create a great income and employment opportunity for them by raising poultry commercially. Women and students can also do this business along with their daily activities.