How much does writing a business plan cost?

Writing a business plan cost time and effort

Are you starting a new business or are you an already established company and planning to expand into other services or areas, we will help you write a business plan tailored to fit your specific needs anywhere you. At we create business plans for new start-ups in different sectors and industries. We understand the uniqueness and challenges in when dealing different businesses and so, we offer fresh strategies and insights to address the peculiarities in each business plan that comes to us.

Because our business plan writing service is custom-specific to meet the needs of our clients, it can be used for a bank loans, grants, business development strategies, joint/partnership ventures or just for planning purposes. We guarantee that whatever your demands are, we will be able to meet and most likely exceed your expectations. The success stories of our clients are our success.

Our goal is to assist small to medium-sized businesses that are looking forward to having a professional Business Plan, Feasibility Study, Company Profile or Proposal.

Reasons for Preparing a Business Plan

Test the feasibility of your business idea

Writing a business plan is the only way to make sure that your business idea is feasible and doable. In other words, a business plan is your safety net as this document will save you from wasting your time and money on a business idea that is untenable.

Get Loans and Grants

If you plan to get a loan from the bank, or a business grant, or you want to pitch your business idea to a potential business partner or investor, a business plan in required. Financial institutions and Investors will want to see the potentials of your business. A business plan is the best way to provide this information.

Decision Making

Writing a business plan helps you to make tough business decisions, especially when you have to choose between alternatives. For example, if you have not decided on the exact services your business will sell and at what price, you will find it difficult finish the business planning process and move on to the implementation phase. A business plan helps you to look at all the entire start-up process and decide on what you want.

Our business plans are well-researched, comprehensive, coherent, consistent and of a global scale; designed to address all key business areas including, SWOTs, cash flow forecasts, brand launch strategies, detailed financial projections, organization structures and growth action timelines for the next five years. We ensure we hand-over a full roadmap to success over to you.

There are guidelines for writing a business plan. To that effect, our business plans highlights the following features:

Executive summary, Mission and Vision, Key success factors, Business model summary.

2.)         Company Description Business model canvas, Operational model, USP (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION),Organizational structure, organogram, Business risks.

3.)         Situational Market Analysis, Trends, Challenges, Target Market Segmentation, Porter’s five forces of profitability, SWOT.

4.)         Growth plan

5.)      Competitive analysis

6.)         Marketing plan


Key Assumptions, Financial summary, Projected Income Statement, Projected Cash flow, Projected Balance sheet, Loan Schedule, Financials Analysis. Business Ratios and Infographics).

Because of our diverse services and experience, what we offer is premium and effective business plan. We also go the extra-mile to offer ideas, strategies and sometimes possible partners to help your business grow.

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