What are some online business ideas that make $5,000 per month using my laptop?

The easiest money right now is in e-commerce. Setting up a niche e-commerce site with Shopify and sourcing products from Alibaba is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now of course it’s not without risk. But in my opinion it’s the fastest and most direct path from 0 to $5000 or more per month.

There are basically two ways to go about this. The first one takes less than $60 to set up and can be scaled to a ridiculously high number very quickly if you know what you’re doing. The best part about this system is you don’t have to buy any inventory up front.

  1. Sign up with Shopify
  2. Find a hot product on Amazon
  3. Find a similar product on Aliexpress that offers shipping with epacket to US
  4. Fill your Shopify store with the products
  5. Drive traffic with targeted ads on Facebook
  6. After you receive payment, fulfill the orders with Aliexpress and ship directly to your customers
  7. Use a Free Shopify App called “aftership” to automatically give your customers a tracking number of the shipment.

I wrote a detailed post on one of my blogs How to Make Money with Shopify (Almost No Money Down) that breaks it down for you step by step.

If you have a little bit of money to invest ahead of time here’s a slightly better route using the same principles.

  • Pick a niche that is popular. It can be anything as long as there is a Facebook page dedicated to the niche that has a strong following. Let’s say you’re going to go with horses. There are a lot of people who love horses. And from what I know, people who love horses don’t just really like horses…they F*#%ing LOVE horses.
  • So go to Aliexpress to start. (You can use Alibaba once you find successful products but Aliexpress makes it easier to get started and is more transparent with costs). Once at Aliexpress type in “horse jewelry” and filter by “# of Orders.” This will put the most popular items at the top and basically guarantees that the products you choose will sell. This is important. Don’t guess here and don’t choose what you think looks good. Pick the top two selling items and buy 50 of each. They will most likely cost between $1 and $2.
  • Once you get them take pictures (must be high quality) or find pictures from the internet and upload both products to your Shopify store and mark them up at least 1000%. Then show a discounted sale price of 20% off that figure.
  • Name your store “Horse Beauty” or “Amazing Equine” or something that obviously shows you specialize in horse jewelry.
  • Research how to write descriptions that sell. Find other successful e-commerce stores and follow their template.
  • Install a plugin that recommends other products at checkout and set it up to recommend whichever item of the two that they didn’t buy. 10–30% of the people will end up buying both items and the mark-up on the second item is your profit. The mark-up on the first product covers your advertising costs. Then just advertise the heck out of it on Facebook, targeting horse lovers and optimizing for conversions (sales).
  • Test different ads until you find a winner that keeps your conversion cost below break even on the sale of one product. After you get good you should be able to make money on the initial sale too.

Or You Could Sell An Online Course

Selling an online course follows a lot of the same principles that e-commerce stores do. Online courses are a product you are selling. The difference here is that online courses are essentially free to create. You simply invest your time instead of your money.

Choose whatever it is that you are good at.


  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Brewing Beer
  • Flipping Houses
  • Poker
  • Black Jack
  • Any type of gambling
  • Flying A Drone
  • Building Model Airplanes…anything you know how to do.

Then go to Thinkific. They let you get started for free and make it easy to create a professional looking How-To course using video, images, text, pdf’s…whatever. The great thing about Online Courses is that except for the credit card transaction fees that you have to pay, your profit margin is 100%.

Make the course and then start promoting it. You don’t have to buy ads, you just have to get creative and spend a bit of time. Then once you start making sales, roll that profit back into paid advertising on Facebook and scale it to the moon.

You can see an example of one of the courses I created on Thinkific below:

How to Have a Successful Blog

If you have to start making money fast, e-commerce is the answer or selling a course is the answer.

If you want something that’s easy and almost passive with very little stress and will consistently pay you a few thousand dollars a month AND you don’t mind waiting a while, then blogging actually the way to go.

Either way you have to practice and get good at the skill to see success.