What is the best business field to grow easily?


When I said a mobile business, there are a lot of mobile businesses and most of them are profitable, the researchers have shown that a barbering mobile business is the most profitable business because of the low-cost expenses, where you can generate about 500% revenue. Barbering mobile shop is not only about cutting of hair through is part of it and this is the area where most people during the business don’t understand.

Marketing aspect

This is a process whereby you help other business to create awareness.

How can you do this?  Sending a proposal to start up business with an agreement that you will create awareness for their business through

  1. A free haircut.
  2. Sharing of flyers
  3. Putting their board on you van etc.

And price agreement will depend on you.  Believe me don’t look at how the business is flooded but think of what you can do to generate profit and make it running.


There is a business that is easily started with a very small investment. You will probably need around £500 for all the hardware to start and earn around £ 30,000 every year.

 ‘What is this business’ well I’ll tell you in a minute; every business needs this product and as you have ‘the means of production’ you are in control. You can provide these products for such a diverse number of users that you will NEVER run out of potential customers.

OK – I’ll tell you, signage.

You may think that it is all digital with very expensive equipment needed but you would be wrong… Very wrong.

All you need is a cheap vinyl cutter (a used Japanese one is better than a new Chinese brand) some vinyl, a computer and free vinyl cutting software.

From our research you can do a van for a gardening contractor. One hours work, five euro worth of vinyl and £150 charged, that is easily obtain and deliver ether cut to size or you cut it yourself with a stanly knife.

Shop signs, hanging signs, window graphics, pavement signs, vehicles and all sorts of small signs eg. Beware of the Dog, No Parking, One Way, Magnetic signs and wall art and graphics. With very little self-training (watch YouTube videos) you will be able to earn money supplying signage of all sorts.

I assume you are mobile as a car is needed. A van or estate car is better as you will need a roof rack to carry ladders and signs

When doing the job, very often people will approach you for a quote after seeing your van Graphics.

This really is a lovely business to get into and as I said earlier, it pays well.

I urge you to give it a try, you don’t need to be a salesperson as the product sells itself. Emphasize the point that all signage is fashion, or it adds VALUE to business and eventually when customers approach you they NEED a sign or a van signed up or SALE NOW ON in their window.